Drowning in Sound


Belief in psychic phenomenon was a regular part of my life growing up. My mother and my aunts spoke openly about their instincts, and the way people made them feel. People still talk about my great-grandmother Sadie’s psychic abilities.

Personally, I go back and forth with my belief in the paranormal multiple times a day, even in the face of things that are difficult to rationalize. Let me explain…

All Eyes, Everywhere


It’s autumn. It’s October. It’s spooky season, my favourite time of year, and I have an online journal again. What better time for me to share some spooky personal thoughts and experiences?

If you are scopophobic this might not be for you.

Shadow Man


Thursday night, the shadow man came back. I haven’t seen them since we moved into the house. Ian was here when last I saw them. I was afraid. I whispered for him to go away until he left.

Not this time.