Core Beliefs and a Lack of Clarity for Reflective Writing

Core Beliefs and a Lack of Clarity for Reflective Writing

My writing mentor asked me two questions during out last session together:

  • What is something you’re very knowledgable about?
  • What is your core belief?

I know a lot about metaphysics because I’m a tarot reader. I began researching different religions and cultural practices when I was fourteen, and I never really stopped. I’ve been practicing tarot for more than twenty years now. The cards are a great ice-breaker, a good way to get to know people, and a wonderful tool to help with journalling, focus, and writing.

There’s something my grandma Agatha told me when I was very young and I’ve always remembered. I don’t recall the exact wording, but the gist is “anything worth knowing can be read in a book.” I think that has stuck with me because much of my life necessitated independence. I constantly found that the authority figures in my life were not around to provide answers, or were not able to, so I took it upon myself to read and learn what I could on my own.

The answers to these two questions prompted a third inquiry: What story could I tell incorporating those two things?

I could tell the story of my life.