Intentional June

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Every day is a blank page. An opportunity. A story, about a day in your life, waiting to be written.

Or some such bull shit.

When I was a teenager – researching wiccan practices, metaphysics, and learning to read tarot – setting my intensions was easy. Desire, meditate, manifest. I had everything figured from such a young age, that now as an adult, I look back at all of the things I used to juggle on my quest for knowledge, and wonder how the fuck did I manage any of that? Especially since, during the time, my life was mostly outside of my control.

Meditation is harder to maintain now. Mindfulness is strongly suggested to help with BPD, but the more I do it, the most difficult it feels. When did reflection become difficult?

I want to try setting intensions again. Regain some focus. Reclaim my ambition. Novels don’t write themselves, and I have a trilogy planned.

I don’t want to over-extend myself, but I would like to accomplish a few things in June.


  • complete plot revision
  • write three chapters
  • update journal once a week
  • weekly Tarot reading
  • read two books


  • complete plot revision
  • complete all character studies
  • write five chapters
  • update journal once a week, plus end of month recap
  • weekly Tarot reading
  • read four books
  • update Instagram daily
  • map sketch
  • regional seals sketches
  • book cover sketch
  • sketches of key story points

I want to push myself to do more, but I don’t want to set myself up for failure. There is a lot ahead of me, and I need to focus on one section at a time.

I’ve changed the structure at the beginning of my story, so I need to rework my outline a bit more. I’ve started a new Scrivener file for my second draft and have been re-updating character profiles. Character names have changed. Three places need to change names so they are no longer so similar. When the outline is ready it’ll import directly into Scrivener and I can write from any point.

This month I will complete my plot revision, write three chapters, and update my blog regularly.

As long as i keep moving forward, I’ll reach my destination.

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