Vice Versa Tarot


I received this deck as an early birthday present from my husband. It arrived in the mail this morning before I went to work, and I packed it up and took it with me so I could sift through the cards on my lunch break.

The imagery is stunning. The dual representation of each card (reverse, or alternate angle, of the image is presented on the back) is a unique take, and offers further insight into the Rider Waite depictions. To me is looks as though the cards were created using a 3D program. The figures have very similar body shapes, and there’s a slight shine to them, but this doesn’t take away from the beauty or aesthetic.

The cards are marked to indicate which side is the front, versus the back. Interestingly, there are no word labels. A number is present, and a symbol to indicate suit or court. One the Major Arcana, there are no symbols, only numbers.

I recognized approximately 95% of the cards without difficulty. I will need to peruse the book that accompanied the deck in order to fully memorize the labels associated with the images.

I’m very excited about using this!

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